Omnipotent And Omniscient.

It  being slippery

she held her support firmly

taking a step forward

away she went down in a blow

tumbling on the slippery floor

hurting her knee and head

the bone broke into two

the nerves got cut into  halves

lying unconscious there for a moment

then pulled by some unknown

that much she could remember

what happened then after

got revealed  into an untold story

hard to hear the narration

harder still to see the torment omnipotent

she lay like a vegetable

a beautiful girl lost to the world

all in a sudden within a second

that be the end of the life

impermanent and temporary

Yet, man speaks with ire

behaves like an authority

thinking he is immortal

not learning by experience

nor realising the mortality.

considering himself omniscient

and omnipotent always.











The Water .

The water flows through

going into  drains and holes

flushing the dirt with a prove

an extension on the whole

as  the deficit of it would  stagnate

the rubbish with an expensive toll

charging the survival with a pollute

spreading disease in an epidemic

causing an enormous  havoc

destroying the living

annihilating the vegetation

leaving a void and vacuum

extremely dangerous  to mankind.water







A Requisition Humble.

A school run for the deprived

where children come from background

a wee above the poverty line

yearning to learn more

not getting the best

as finance restricts their skill

locations kill their spirit

a upliftment is the need

a recognition is the criteria

Well, anybody out there

willing to help me

as i am running a school

with government aid  in a rural area

located in the most inner pockets

lying in the Southern part of India

away from possible motivation

let me know at the earliest

am I stretching it far

if so pleaserunning ignore my plea

if not try  please help me

with ideas and kits

with books and play things

whatever you might extend

would be accepted with gratitude

not only from me

but from those children

who long for prospects

bright and cheerful.





Unbound Creativity

The desire is unbound.

The thoughts go unrestricted

The ideas fly  unbridled.

The greed surges  vehemently

The talk goes on vivaciously.

Eloquence commemorates  gracefully

Nothing so far  is bound

till  the execution butts in unbound creativity

wherein comes the refrainment

where enters the postponement

where  commends the diffusion

where jumps the  reluctance

where unobtrusively crosses the deficit

that encompasses the money in all its glory

destroying the creativity  free and imaginative.