The Bull’s Run

Crossing a farm a few miles away

 caught sight of a big bull on the way

lazily grazing over the fields

a difficult cattle that does not yield

nor could be  controlled l by any measure

strict and cruel at times in a pressure

 keeps going with  lively ease 

 not bothered about the wicked tease

a stubborn animal as far as I know

very determined   from top to toe.

Held up by his own lethargy

 he suddenly came out with great energy

 started running up the road in speed

knowing not what be the need

men ran behind him with  haste

but their attempt proved a waste

 as his speed was uncontrollable.

his fancy and move was unreliable

 fearing a mishap  at any moment

the minds of men was in great torment

Suddenly at its own risk the bull stopped

 fell down

on the road like a flop

The men advanced slowly with great care

and tactfully tied the animal to its pair 

 brought him home in a task fast

 putting an end to the ritual at last.

Let us have it a s a real bull in life 

 or a bull in the stock strife

 Whatever it might  be

 Wherever it might be

 the bull goes  up and down

 never settling  with a crown.












The Jewel

The little jewels we make

be it expensive or cheap in take

tell us about the taste on the whole

expensive  or ordinary in  the scroll

taking into the workmanship minute

as well as the  designs so accurate

wherein is expressed the beauty   in a glitter

that is exclusive and delicate  in character

enhancing its value to the uppermost

enticing the customer to the foremost

Well ! that be the jewel that Iraw emerald necklace like most.













A House I Saw.

courtallamHappened to see a house 

went round it in a browse.

It being charming and fine

with a sparkling  shine

chiselled in  architectural  line

with an eye on minute  strains

and a touch on choosy  designs

massive  it was not in size

beautiful it appeared to the eyes

with things on places right

and display in phases bright

setting a tone of   illustration

creating a theme of depiction

more or less a portraiture

done with cement  in a feature

coercing  a feeling of  enchantment

with an impact of  fulfillment.