Off To School

I know a little girl
who never cried going to school.
It is quite unusual, I believe
as I had three boys
who brought the roof down
while they first left for school
They cried and wept
groaned and shouted
banging the floor
refusing to get into the car.
The drive was so unpleasant
with sobs and whimper
finally the drop in school
being the worst
as I have to drag them inside.
Well, that was decades back.
This little girl goes happily
returns home with the same happiness
enjoying every thing there
feeling very independent and not scared
while being resolute in her demands
and definite in her movements ready for school
she celebrates each day with cheer
a different set and mould in the offing.



Nice is a simple word
with lot of meaning
carrying innumerable connotations
interpreting various expressions
enumerating different ideas
elucidating numerous thoughts
expressing multitude of feelings
standing for both likes and dislikes
indicating good and bad
involving great and small
all of them in a word
all of them comprised
all of them compressed
with the word “Nice”.
A personification of simplicity
nice,you go onice_quotes_wal_08ut nicely
with a nice smile and a cheer nice too.


The Wonder Ware

It is a limited edition say some with pride
having software development restricted resources and purely educational
That being so goes on the softwares many and many more
with forms and methods different and varied
but the fundamentals being the same, very similar.
The technology fares well making leaps and bounds
making money in millions and billions
with a soft ware that goes loud
buzzing through land and sea
crossing the bridges and mountains
with technologists flying all over the world
updating and processing the business
outsourcing the work load to a place
where cheap and resourceful man power is found.
The world thinks fast and moves fast in a pace
giving no time to sleep and breathe
while it is night in one place
the operations go on from a venue remote and far
answered by people with pseudo names in a most cordial tone
saying sweetly “May I help you”


The Case Of Miracles

Do miracles happen?
Do they take place?
If so over a period of years
not over the course of day
or overnight as people say.

Miracles are seen by many
being the belief of all
if any had seen such
then they should be
revered and acclaimed.

Miracles belie reason
as they say there came
an apparition smiling
while gold and silver
fellmiracles from the skies.

Miracles are mind’s working
with a paranoid effect
going with hallucination
making the mind believe
the distractions too much.


Secondary To Nature.

The weather remains pleasant
with a slight drizzle and a breeze
The chilliness is refreshing
while the body gets rejuvenated
the mind cheers up shedding its toil.
However much the artificial works out
the natural excels in its power
as much the electrical equipments
throw a pleasant feel
there arises an uneasy steal
which robs the freshness
inducing an allergic reaction
if not properly maintained through.
Nothing is best as nature
how much we try to cope up with her
we lose the grounds very swiftly
and be there as her secondary pleasant.