A Man Cheated.

Away he went with seething anger
cursing everyone with a danger
swearing with accursed synonyms
calling for a consequence in an antonym
Poor man he being deceived by his siblings
deprived in the most of all his belongings
unable to retrieve them much he tried
had to relinquish them I feel afraid
as he has to stay in this world safe in a demure
fearing greatly that his remaining days would turn insecureangry man


A Folly

It is a folly 

a flaw  unholy

saying it fully

he went solely

with none to  a place holy

paid obeisance  to God  wholly

walked back slowly

with a spirit lowly

as time passes hastily

got  estranged and lonely

crying with anger desperately

ending up  invariably.folly










Jolly Go Song

A jump here and a jump there

came she with a bump,

With a look here and a look there

came she with a lump.

With a grouse here and a grouse  there

came she with a stump.

With a force  here and a force  there

pushed she everything into a dump

With a frown here and a frown there

turned she her face in a grump.

With a  fat here and fat there

appeared she plump.

With an adieu here and an adieu there

went she  making all numb.chubby-girl-no-sign











Know Not What Is Dating?

Having been brought in a close-knit family

with a discipline  strong and great

monitored from a distance  daily

with the scrutinising eyes on a follow

knew not what is love?


Love, I mean that of man to woman

never thought of   love and dating

never had a chance to date in a betting

as wedding became an arranged on in a setting

started to love the groom  with


Loving after marriage seems strange

but that was my permissible range

the exchanges even after came under a gauge

with the coyness discreetly extended in a strange

everything remained subtle in an arrange.


With marriage the love grew

became a bind inseparable all true

as years took wings in a flew

the bond thickened with a glue

standing tall and high with fervour due.






The Feeling Of Love.

Falling in love has its own constraints

with people calling it love without restraint

mostly centering round man and woman

as other things do not fall in common

that of loving the fellow human

not  in a way as the expectation  run

but  in the normal as a man to man

with kindness and assistance  extended

and picking up affection with the flow

seeing a child of enchanting beauteous glow

with the combination of  smartness

all well-defined in Nature in its greatnesslove picture

exhibiting  a row of gracious elements

that of air, water,fire, earth and space

appealing to the eyes in a pace

provoking an affinity all too fine

generally called as love in shine

henceforth encompassing the stream

with love and delight  expressed with a beam.

Love does not confine itself to man and woman as felt

but goes beyond that as told  crossing all belt.