Pernicious Charter – Madurai

Calling  for water

queuing up in roads  for water

walking miles for a pot  of water

has become the way in charter

of Mscarcity of wateradurai  in this quarter

seeming like a barter

not a worthwhile carter

as primarily water

has become a matter

that strikes with a clatter

the scarcity is not a flatter

it is a real  shatter

converting the land to a totter

and the people to chatter

about the pernicious  slaughter

of the environment to a disaster

making it unfit to  live hereafter.







Impatience Takes Over.

Barring a few

the rest in the long  queue

got impatient with the procedures new

which seemed to be without clue

have to wait  with tolerance in blue

grumbling and mumbling in rue

Well. that  has been the way in true

as one has to go with in  diligence queuedue

giving merit to the rules through and through

as a rush would  bring a  break and a slew

ransacking the whole issue in  a violent brew

delivering the result in a doleful hue

converting it into a  programme to sue.








Raga Mohanakalyani

The song was scintillating

went through the heart

leaving the mind in tranquillity

being sung with such fervour

that the raga Mohana500px-Mohanam_scale.svg500px-Mechakalyani_scale.svgkalyani descended

as an apparition  from heaven

a combination of two ragas

exciting the ears  that listened

enhancing the spirit that got mesmerised

as the rendition on the high scale

was a rhapsodical  delivery

blending of the two lovely ragas

one in the ascending scale

with one in the descending

raising the lovers of music to ecstasy

above all levels of human strain.


The Reach.

Reaching out to all 

should be everyone’s call

going by the natural fall

have to get into the interacting

with a lively and involved  reacting

getting straight into it without faltering

hastening to meet people in the run

moving close to them not for fun

but with an intention to turn

the society that has gone astray

has become unruly in a way

impeding the progress  in the fray

and suppressing the prosperity.

The reach here comes into the count

with the mission to dispel the stunt

saving society from the deadliest brunt.reach