A Piece of Advice.

Storing things at the attic

keeping them intact in shape.

away from the termite attack

cleaning and dusting every week

seem to be fine  and easy

when the going is  good

when there is  help around

when the age is by your side

with the assistance becoming scarce

with the spirit getting  weak

with the age registering its toll

the collection  proves bothersome

forcing a clearance in a way

somehow or other they need to be cleared

either for money or  as  a donationtermite attack

whichever suits you most

take it the right stride

and get ahead on time.







Chauvinism And Feminism

Men can do anything

with his chauvinistic rights

while women can do nothing

with their feminine sights.

The stronger sex as man is called

go about with a holistic spree.

The weaker females as they are known

care about the minute  details in glee.

The weak are strong-willed

much against their physical frame

The strong have an inner turmoil

very much hidden all the same.

The competitive edge goes on

with one complementing the other

making the balance hold in equilibrium

not one tilting the other

foretelling the damage  and casuaimages (1)lity.










What Are We made Off?

Neither do I nor do you know

what we are made of.

Saying we are of blood and flesh

bones and nerves  in abundance

skin and hair most visible

give us a picture of  outside perception

The inward eye and heart

the feeling  and expression

the sentiment and experience

go to work on the blood

giving it a tension and hypertension

call upon the flesh mostly

allowing it to sag and grow baggy

try to make the bones brittle and worn out

while the nerves get a break down

while the skin wrinkles and loses shine

and the hair Flesh...Blood.full.422688recede and falls

leaving one aged and bald,

Can anyone tell me what we are made off?

authentically and in a promise.