The fever rises high

delirium sets in  a stage

predicting  an instant  death.


With a door ajar

death stands in great attention

ready to embrace


The  sick man dies

leaving everything  to his progeny

with a will constructed peculiar.


Chaotic it becomes

with ineffectual executors at the helm

a fight ensues  amongst siblings.


With the fight becoming intense

with incapacitated  administrators  doing nothing

the dispute goes to court.


The verdict  comes  years later

it is a bolt from the blue

proposing a fair deal.



The administrators   feel shy

having irrationally wasted much

feel disappointed and disillusioned.


They hiding the shame

keep telling that everything has been resolved

amicably by talks.


Going to court  as a plaintiff

and saying everything  has been resolved

illustrates their feigned deceit.





Solitude Is A Blessing

Solitude brings solace to few

Relaxing in quietness with a rejoice.

Redirecting to fun in lieu.

Rediscovering the  world in books of choice

Exploring the possibilities  with a clue

Resting down in peace  away from noise

Refreshes the mind  almost like drops of dew.

Rejuvenatessolitude. the body  greatly to  a  poise.

Heavenly it is  to be in  a delightful exclusiveness.

A recuperation that follows is a magnificent  preference

that works wonders  signalling a recovery unpredictable.


Catching With Time.

Catching with catching with time. time is not easy

 running with time is beyond anybody

 doing things on time is clicky

lagging behind is  finicky.



Strolling in languish is deadly

Sauntering in lethargy is risky

Deliberating   casually is  a folly

Deciding late is truly  unholy.


It looks like a pile up

taking together in a round-up

acting quick not rash is the build up

as early perceptions go with a fill up.


Acting right at the  exact moment

shows the best option in the remnant

It irons out the  gruesome torment

opening out an easy  filament .


That being so there arises a facility

that holds on to a novelty

where people attain a stability

creating a wonderful  product of  quality.