A careless Step.

A careless step leads to a fall

which is an expensive call

with the claims very tall

causing a great  stall

releasing a drawl

exacting a haul.stock-photo-sprout-and-careless-step-the-nature-protection-concept-88765906






Travel In Leads.

Travelling may be many

by mind and by body

whichever suits you well

go by the facility

one  labouring the mind

the other exhausting the body

To be frank and straight

any travel is an exercise

requiring tenacity and will

a slight back out

would entrench you in a pool  rigorous travel

landing you in trouble  serious

causing a feverish mind

and a strained physique

Careful you  be

never take travel lightly

It would show up  in brands

great and grave

carrying strands

intricate and  entangled.




The Challenge And Revenge.

Gone are the days

when people lived

and  died with respect.

Now reverence is spiteful

while money is wonderful

bringing in cheer and ostentation

shunning warmth and moderation.

Heightened by the wealth

people go about in stealth

trying to surpass one another

calling for a  debate of each other

as who is powerful and  wealthy

as who could spend extravagantly

and if one remains modest

remarking he be a miser to detest

continues the  controversy

high and low in a situation trendy

arguments rise up and down

sometimes  causing a frown

where sincerity gets stifled

and disdain rises up in trifle

sealing all changes  securely

fastening  the doors closely


caring something in a challenge.

creating nothing in  a revenge.







Settling Down Finally.

Settling in a crucial way

 negotiating all the day

keeping things at bay

makes one go astray

far from the norms

adjusting to the qualms

relinquishing the charm

assuaging with a balm

has been the schedule

initiating a prelude

which do not include

anything in the rectitude

going out  in a premium

extending to the maximum

disowning the minimum

encompassing the  infinitum.settling down













An Exercise.

Early in the morn 

it being an early dawn

with the silence all around

and a freshness in the ground

with  no sign of human sound

only  the barking of dogs in  a bound

sitting out in the garden

a place to unload the burden

talking to none  but to oneself

being a rare exercise by itself

which he  does with ease

making him free from any tease

rejuvenating  his memory well

keeping him agile in every cell.

None would like to follow

but  would be a sure allow

for all who talk so in the garden

without hurdles  in the flow.