The Rising Sun

The rising sun
grants great fun
as it is in the run
slowly going up
reaching the top
with the mid noon
scorching great
burning like hell
the sun overhead
then slides towards west
subduing its fiery flight
sets finally in the opposite
leaving the land cool
releasing a temperate zone
nice and lovely with magnificence
great and sound in diligence
a lively feel whatsoever.



Shop The fear Away

As a little girl

I used to fear

sound that turned harsh

noise that  rose to be   loud

talks that  became  poisonous

meets that converted to revolt

friendship that bore ill will

love that  was superficial

act that  was feigned

altogether I was disturbed

seeing all these very young

around me in plenty

as years went by

I became strong

faced these incongruities

without fear undaunted

emerging invincible

the rest of my life.fear






The Style Of Life.

Laughing with the wind  as it blows 

Living with  a song in a   melody

Leading like a light  as it flows

Leaving with no noise  in rhapsody

Is the choice most wonderful

I wish to acquire in custody

want to  attain most  hopefully

with a rest eternal in glory.laughing with wind





The Ever Inquisitive Mind.

The creative mind is never at rest

always sets the ball in motion

might look as it is doing nothing

but really ideas get growing

with the mind almost all time pondering

figuring out artistic creations

either it be in writing or painting

or might be in architecture and artistic creatives

be them in wood ,clay, stone

diamond , gold and platinum


t might come from the humble straw

along with match sticks and iron

goes the creative process with great enthusiasm

left alone the music and dance

which crown the artistic creativity

with great shine and illumination

this wonderous procedure culminates

and crosses the pinnacle

with a voluminous fame and reputation

that  deliver a high sophistication

and renders a charming ebullience.


Charms Of Easy Life.

easy lifeMoving around without any particular work

going with no definite proposal

getting involved in nothing imminent

doing little errands in a proper scope

has been the way of my life for some time now.

An easy designation that has come forward

almost without any pressure and strain

living the day as they come and go

makes me a lazy lethargic individual

Well, I fear, if any essential work load comes up

I  would be thrown out of proportion

and  would end up  in a  deliberate fall.