Three Men On A Road.

Said he something vindictive.
Came a man very tentative
Caught hold of the man attentive
slapped him unscrupulously
making him bleed profusely
The speaker stood silently.
I stood shocked and helpless
sad for the man who spoke less
apprehensive of the one who behaved ruthless
abhorring most unrulythe one spoke rudely


Investments Timely.

An investment that is on the show
with everybody talking about it in a flow
telling that investing in gold is a glow
putting money on land is a big throw
stock is where money grows
thus go on everything in a row
finally facing a severe blow
when the metal falls
when properties give a harsh call
when stock roll like a ball
thus go we low and in a crawl.invetments


Looking At the Ground.

girl in aweGrowing up in a closed circuit.
living all through in closer recruit.
Nothing much to worry about.
Nothing much to seek also.
Existing all along under an eye
be it mother’s earlier or spouse later
my life had gone through hills
rivers and ponds all in a bill
as I have nothing individual about me
that could be broadcasted or televised
I had been a secondary human
submitting to every throttle
not looking up from where I am
but looking down from where I stand
As a matter I know much of land in detail
than the skies which I look up at random.


The Man Turns A Bard.

Long long ago there lived a man.
man even now lives you might say.
This man who lived ages back
looked not extraordinary
had no wealth exorbitant
not educated highly
telling you all the negatives
I am trying to build up an image.
Again, this man being simple and straight
a diligent worker and great thinker.
He thought of his shortcomings
He slowly came out of them
waging a calm battle.
He earned little spent even less
kept his family in decent status
tending to them with love and care.
In his leisure he read books
he not only read them
but followed the precepts
ended up compiling a great book
This ordinary man became a bard
in no short time bard