I dreamt for a time

got up after some time

found nothing in rhyme

as I lost the rhythmic rhyme.dreams


Long Lasting

Long lasting they say

when you yourself

last not long in a way

why go for long lastinglong-lasting of else?


Truth And Lies.

Truth is bitter and sour.

Speaking it needs power.

Talking straight is never

a habit in the cover

demanding  sincerity ever


Lies come in  a clamour

Facilitating them with glamour

has become a passionate amour

bringing with it an exercise of grammar

elaborating with feign demeanour


Truth is slow  and is a struggle

With an initial setback and  bungle

it falters in every possible juggle

then gets ahead deliberately in a snuggle

never pushing in a through a smuggle.


Lies are quick and shining

coming in tens and hundreds in teasing

as one lie leads to another in piling

setting the  stage for rigging

culminating in an illicit trafficking.


With that lies being an easy format

men chose to go by that stat

gaining in terms in no mean brattruth and lies

while truth is no mean  doormat

fighting   a very difficult combat.


As such the eventual lies live short

with ostentation and glory bought

but with truth being caught

by jugglery and manipulation of sort

has a life long-standing above all thoughts.















The Classic

The choice is classic

looking very chic

with the outer frame not thick

while the inner  look  is sleek

grand and great it seems

lively and cheerful it beams

shining and twinkling it gleams

as it expressed a poetic seam

delightfully outstanding

an art piece to be cherishedartpiece

an artist who has to be honoured.




The Crossword

Crosswords take the mind off

letting in a concentration in a laugh

where the focus is on solving

as the puzzle goes on prolonging

pushing one to resolve  fast

have to possess patience to last

accomplishing the task on time

requires great skill and rhyme

which is not found in many

with only a few having any

love and desire to indulge

as the work needs a grudge

and grit to win over straight.

Life being a crossword

with happenings wayward

the competition being heavy

and the challenges   in levy

few  walk out with bowed head

while the rest camouflage instead

posing they have achieved great

but  in truth they are below the rate.Life