Mountainous Majesty

The mountain looked majestic and arresting

almost touching the blue skies.

Massive it appears and gorgeous it seems

almost covering  the  green fields

Towering it exclaims and awesome it signifies

almost extending to the blue sea.

Dense it lies thickened and clustered it unfolds

almost  holding the green vegetation.

Great it is to see the huge mountain standing high

a magnificence withholding all sighs.imountain majesty






Subdue Temper

A control of the temper is not much seen

Like the seasons tempers do change

The anger  grows up slowly in cases

bursting forth with a tantamount .

Others the fury spurts out the moment

it seeps in unobtrusively

releasing an unpleasantness

and much unwanted confusion

irking all  around in no mean terms.

If tempers are handled with moderation

there would be peace and goodwill

which  are the need of the hour.

This should be not only with men individually

but get across the communities and societies

enfolding the countries specifically

wherein there would be much   cordiality

and geniality generating a kindred spirit

and the world would rest in absolute happiness.temper