Laughter At best.

Laughter being the best medicine 

going up with a very good sign

the laugh brings a veritable bind

that of the receiver and the taker

as a laugh endorses  the one

who does so with vigour

and enlightens the one

who experiences so with a trigger

as laugh  gets into the core

breaking all the conventions

lightens the heart  with no fear

and a hearty laugh gets the heart

run in a comfortable pace

lending a  valuable space

dear and great in a way

carrying with  it a synergy

and a  synthesis of  credibility

and validity laughter all in one go.





Take It Easy.

The take it easy policy gets us going.

Taking everything to heart is disturbing.

Ignoring the not so important

and taking into consideration

the valid disputes  make the point

saving lot of time and expenses

as otherwise would go in to form a  major

controversial hearing all through

creating  a desperate  despondency

and an unfathomable  insurgency

leading to a strained take it easydebate

and a frantic dealing.






A Fiery Speech

The fiery speech he gave

was full of eloquence

contained no matter

it resembled  steam

bursting forth  with a venom.

not appropriate for the occasion

it brought with it a  an uneasiness

not only to the listeners

but to himself also  very much

creating a flutter  incomprehensible

and a situation undesirable

insinuating  a chaos

and a revolt  unwanted.

.fiery speech









A Meet And A Tale.

Met one of my friend yesterday

She was talking to me all through the day.

Telling me of her experiences good and bitter

where the worst exceeded the better

feeling sad for what  has gone through

she felt totally let out true.


Having gone through such periods

she could not resist any more tedious

as she has suffered  very greatly

with people pulling her down unexpectedly

desperate she sounded  and angry she was

knew not how to console her as she saw a loss.


A year ago she asked a reference

being a close relative of mine in defence

I could not spill out the beans

but told her in subtle means

which she never took it serious

finally it turned sour and ominous.


Yesterday she told me  the tale of woe

felt sorry for  having taken my words so low

said that  the relative behaved so badly

being very cheap and  miserly.experiences sad

and she also incurred  monetary  shortfall

which remains unclaimed  in a call