A Man Fallen From Grace.

Turning  the face

he  walked without trace

looked dazed.

went  with a chase

hinted  with a gaze

tried  with a base

changed in phase

had been his ways

all through the days

he being a  case

exhibiting no grace.


The Kaleidoscope.

With the colours getting into the thoughts

qualifying the emotions  as taught

with white denoting purity

and a kindness that emulates directly

goes the black that brings in a morbidity

well black also has another quality

with black clouds  flaunting rain

comes in blue without much strain

where the sky encompasses a bluish hue

along with the kaleidoscope extensive sea to take the cue

followed by the beautiful rose

that denotes the Queen of flowers  in a source

representing cheerfulness and spirit kindred

last comes the bright radiant red

extolling the brightness with an alert

indicating a danger  lying in front

pursuing the bloody trials in a row

with a burning  in an embittering grow

The colours get into our lifestyle

creating an interesting file

making over with a golden hue

reclining in  an enchantment true.



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An Uphill

Climbing up the hills

being an uphill

steep and very still

went with a deep fill

breathing fresh air till

reaching the peak hill

stood there with a will

braving the windy frills

enduring the cold grill

enjoying the beauteous kill

wanting not to go downhill

descended with a skill

unfaltering  came down  like Jill

with no Jack to come down in a tumbling bill.Jack and jill




Born Out Of The Same Womb

Know a brother

who with all his defects

not very simple

but very complicated

has only some inherited money

not other qualities

worth mentioning

does a lot of back biting

and spreading rumours

with intentions bad

against his brother

who keeps away from him

not crosses him at any cost

aware of his brother’s shortcomings

The older one  keeps on

doing these from childhood

while the younger  sibling

puts up with him

for the very reason

he being  the brother.

What a remarkable difference !womb

we find in the siblings

born out of the same womb.


Pretty Nothing To Do.

Sitting idly for some time

pretty nothing to do

gazing at the sky

without any focus

came to see a cluster

might be stars

moving together

slowly and steadily

seemed to be

like a an  illumination

natural and delightful

not affecting the eyes

but lending a natural  splendour

magnificent and marvellous.stars travel in clusters




Comment Inauspicious.

inauspicious comment.Every other thing passed unnoticed

except the one  very insignificant

that of a remark slight and  immaterial.

The place where it was said took  the arterial

while the way it was  spelt looked  indecent

The comment became inauspicious most recent

as it went through many voices in turn

taking an innocuous trend  and burnt.

Words once uttered become not ours

but take the identity of the course

releasing a morbidity and disaster

making the receiver wreath  in pain thereafter.