Magic -Haiku

Magic being  metaphysics

gaudy magic trick confiscating the spectator

eulogizing the doer.


The Writing You Do.

Mastering a language is a skill

Be it your own tongue or different.

Talking great out of will

gives a feel coherent

with the normalcy still

and with eloquence relevant


Writing needs extra ordinary  power

where the grammar and usage come to force

where words lack the force of a shower

if not properly put across  in a choose

as such writing carries forward a value not lower

but apparently very much high  in a rouse.


Not any one can write with ease

as it demands a deep study all the while

a slight mistake would bring a tease

with care one should develop a style

where writing pays off with huge fees

though not mostly in cash but freely in praise.writing












A Day To Day Tale.

Speeding through the narrow lane

he went in twos and threes

almost knocking everyone down.

finally crashed on the end of it

getting bruised badly.


Jumped on the bike once again

resumed his ride with more velocity

jumping over each head that came his way

looking like a phantom he rushed through

finally reaching his destination

with an  injury  visible.


Slammed past the door of the house

entered  the living area with anger

seized his estranged  wife who stood there

pulled her across in a frenzy

put her on his bike with force

rode  as fast as he could.


The wife raised a hue and cry

wailing and weeping with fear

taking no notice of her shouts

he went back through the lane

again with the same gusto

reaching home in no time.


Dragged her into the house

placed her in the bed

locked the room behind him

fell on his knees before her

begging her to pardon him

she knowing not what to do.


The climax was the least expected

he held her hands in amour

and with tears running down his cheeks

kissed her  gently with passion

sealing her lips with emotion

with that they lived happily ever after.


Sfight.kirmish do occur everywhere

Differences do crop up  unexpectedly

Forgetting and forgiving is the way to live

specially should be found in wedlock

where the yoke is borne by both

the husband and wife  need to walk together.