Freedom Manhandled.

After long years of freedom
the country is at doldrums
The economy is an empty drum
with nothing in the medium
while its people suffer the tedium.

The liberty is under pressure
whilst the officials in leisure
hold no values to treasure
as the politicians always measure
every thing with as much pleasure.

With that the country gets distracted
while its stature gets disabled
and its features become mangled
perhaps the servitude was better suited
than freedom which remains stifled.freedom at risk


The Epic On Trust And Reliability

It is a day since back home.
Poured news from all sides
some hard to believe
some bereft of authenticity.
The validity came proof in editions
which dealt in deep of distinctions
which brought in deletions and additions
along with fragments of imaginations.
News relating to business and corporates
get no colour from vivid descriptions
as they deal with money and transactions.

The first was an information of a relative
who spent much on an occasion
just not considering money as money
but the currency as a paper
resembling something thin and wafer
with his aides taking control of the event
bringing in unwanted associations of people
that gathered to jack up the numbers
creating a belief that there was a large crowd
and impressing the people arround of its grandeur
but at the back stolen much of the money of his brother’s.

The second was one of the strangest I have heard
being that of a father and daughter
all circling round money and its deployment.
The father taking money from the daughter
saying that he would make it grow
grew himself all by building a house huge
and circulating the money for his own ends
merely showing the accounts in paper
which romped in the daughter ‘s intervention
she got furious when she found out
that it was in the form of building
making her mad and angry against the parent.

Another mega story comes from the third-party
who has raised loans a few years back
from a consortium of banks and instituions
against unrealizable securities
failed in a most impressive manner
and when the court appointed liquidator finds
there was nothing in hand that could match the loans
as it was a zero realizable asset wherein
there was a broken van and three invalid computers
lying there for a loan of some hundreds of billions
Knowing not how the banks advanced the amount.

With that the day folded up to darkness
and very well my heart also sank to nadir
where I could accept or disregard the motivestrust.
but remain conscious of how people go about
as big men in the world of today shine and walk in strides
stealthily deceiving the sibling ,the daughter, and the people
who have relied them and trusted them innocently or ignorantly.
They do hold events with such splendour inviting a crowd
The people being sharp and witty at the same time
jibe and jab about their practices with much humour and tease
with an innate sarcasm and intricate validity all in a go.


The Mellowed Glow.

A little while ago
saw my friend after ages
resembling something of an ago
frail,thin worn out in stages

She a beauty in her younger days
a lively elegance in every way
with startling looks and sparkling face
was a cynosure of all eyes those days.

Age cannot wither her say some
but age has tarnished her most
with her appearance turned gruesome
but her traits were the same almost.

Looking at her from far away
does not work out well
but in close up sway
she is the same in all tell

Her external would have lost its sheen
eroded by the passage of time
but her mind and thought are clean
acting and interacting in perfect rhyme.

She spoke so sweetly with grace.
Her old charm very much in force
The measured voice being the base
talking and referring from the bestmellow glow source.

Age has mellowed her to the core
Her beauty also has attained a glow
with the lustre turning into wisdom
she maintains her going in a flow.


The Ambush.

Having had a magnificent life so long.
Living in cheer and grace all along
Like everyone he wanted to chase
something that gave an irresistible impetus
He went behind money not for a change
but wanting to get rich quick
he resorted to ways not normal
as the usual ones bring no prize
so took the path easier to earn
involving in means different and strange
jumping into tracks not modest but illegal
He did succeed early having making huge revenue.
later he found himself in a maze and an entanglement
created not by others but by himself
His peace and smooth sailing got distorted
leaving a panic and fear great
Before he could lose himself fully in the ambush
he got away at the right moment
saving himself and his kith
knowing notambush late that only good would survive.