An Emptiness

With a feel of emptiness

staring at the moonlight

he sat on the patio

recollecting the events

that has passed

a  thought of irk

an act of provocation

stood out prominently.

They have remained there

refusing to clear

still very much raw

lying fresh  and free

causing a strangulation

creating a furore

and a ripple  allowing

no salvation entire.emptiness









The Cleaning.

With a house fairly big

with it on the main road

dust gets through the doors

and gushes in through the windows

making the house fully dusty

with micro fine sand lying all over

fine black in colour

If not cleaned daily

get into the nose

while you breathe

and stick to your sole

while you walk

giving you a  set of free allergy

with a bout of sneezing

and frequent coughing

extending to wheezing

and taking over to asthma

That being  the effect

cleaning becomes a problem

as the age sets in

and domestic help

tends  too expensive

with that there being

a scarcity to get aid

finally leaving the house

fairly unclean and unfit

for living healthycleaning houses


Afternoon Siesta.

A nap in the afternoon

has become a must.

It has not become recently

but it has been too long

Being there a debate

sleeping in the midday

makes one unhealthy

and  lazy  call a few.

It is a necessity

giving a refreshment

and a distinct energy

quote a majority.

Whatever it may prove

it is the best source

that keeps me going

and makes me live healthy.afternoon sleep.





Great And Greateness.

Great be the expenditure.

Great be the grandeur

Great be everything

The great is for a day

then the great disappears

as the days roll by greatly .

Great lies not in ostentation

it is found in the intricacy  greatly.

Remember that greatly

and become great soon.great.