A Few Maxims

Observation is better than participation .

Precision  takes over unwieldy extension.

Quality wins high against quantity.

Sincerity  surpasses  infidelity.

Quietness excels noise

Well these are  the choices

that are thrown open to us

taking the right without fuss

would lead us to success

not in a fast process

but in a gradual note

that in short

takes us across

without tremendous loss.silence is golden









A Grand Finale.

It seems to be an end

 where nothing has come to a send

everything is in for a bend

perhaps languishing on a lend

Well! that is the trend

as everybody has to fend

which leads to a tend

of utmost care and  mend

closing up with a positive  content.




This might look a  little hazy

as it is not as easy

getting in with a cheesy

adjusting with the crazy

negotiating with a choosy

going on with the lazy

very much after the breezy

sailing with the nosy

ignoring the  racyend of the world

finally concluding in hasty











Chatter And Clatter

Conversations  go on endlessly

with never-dying interest

What do they talk about?

with such rapture in and out

makes me wonder all throughout

as I remain  an outcast

away from the normal cast

listening to what they say

as I feel given two ears  in a way

shows that we have to extend listen the hearing

and restrict the talking

None pay heed to me

thinking I am  a dummy

or more so a mummy

bereft of expression

and demanding impression.

So goes on the talking forever

ending up in a loud chatter

devolving into a noisy clatter

releasing by far nothing.





Heard a cracking sound  a little before

It  was not a meagre one in the fore

being  a thunderous  noise  all above.

Deciphering from where it came  became slow

as it was hard to assess the  emanating blast

throwing all out of gear to a jump  fast

sealing every other thing to a deliberate  cast

as most got affected and could not last

the blow  which was a dangerous erupt

swallowed many in a gobble  disrupt

Does it sound a little allegorical?

It is a story not mainly  fictional

but that happened in the  world rational

where turmoil economical and political

gulp the innocent and ignorant in mouthful

ruining skype-interview-interrupted-by-gaza-bomb-blast-video--d4bfba93e7 the lives of the have-nots  in full

creating a strain  pleasantly doleful.