Daily Archives: September 4, 2013

The Cries

While entering into the world the baby cries
To live in this world everyone cries.
Whilstnew born in death man cries

The Taste Of Money

Consolidating his gains in the gamble
he could have moved out from the ramble.
The thought to earn more and more sustained
as he went ahead in the game with enormous gain
that tempted him to think it would bring profits
with that he could create wonders in a beautiful fit
But nothing happened as he wished and expected
He lost more than what he gained in the test
got debtimmersed in debts and became disgraced.

The Spirit

The spirit is dying
The enthusiasm to cross is over
Having crossed the bridge in terms lower
with the fulfillment giving a feel relaxing
the age is extending an approach not so tensing
and the years of fighting for the cause just
has been rewarded all the more the best
seeking solace and peace hereinafter
has become the motive prime sooner or later
leading to a life of ease and comfort great
which is for all we strive mostly in state.fighting spirit