Daily Archives: September 9, 2013

Played Foul

Having been through life in a most different way
just looking after my work with dedication
had no time to see what was going around
as being cast in such a sphere had no inclination
as to get through and beat the competitors
but natural as it seemed I came above them every day
unknowingly I became a butt of their anger
by ruse they denied every share of my right.
I went about with a tempered attitude at times
while most occasions burst out in a fury.
Neither my anger nor my placidity paid dividends
as I lost the entire share to those who played foul.
Years passed and I grew out of it with much difficulty
but now my children in their lighter moments
make fun of me saying with cheer and humour
that I never knew to ask anything on time
and could never achieve the rightful portion
Their jocular remarks do hurt me great
I ruefully disdain my attitude and disposition
feeling great for the loss because of my nature
the loss mother-son-teasing-each-other-17649951in turn finds a reflection in their life too
as the wealth would have passed on to them as by natural law.

The Strength Of Water.

Rivers flood falling into the sea.
The sea in turbulence sweeps to the land.
The land stagnates and gets drownedwater hopelessly.
The water drags everything live and dead into the sea.

Namaste And Salaam

hamsa-damayanthiIt is namaste that greets me
wherever I go around the world
seeing me in saree that looks different
in my own country where saree being the national dress
as women move about in pants and T-shirts
and my bindi which is another incongruity
largely round in my forehead shining red
which too has become obsolete in my country
where women go with no marks on the forehead
or the bare minimum being a tiny dot
that is not visible from a distance long
but could be noted in close quarters
with a salaam I an shown a place not at the back
but given to take a prominent position
right in the front among the very important
granting me great respect and warmth
which others in modern attire do not get
Proud to be in my own attire with the saree
draped around with pleets and folds
a perfect dress in which I feel at home
whilst the other modern attires seem something out-of-place
very much alien to me while I wonder
how people move about in such forms
that get tight and strain the muscle
forsaking the comforts of the loose
almost an enviable six yard cloth
that needs no stitching and requires no fittings.
Like my sari namaste is also so loving to me
keeping me at home at any part of the world
as I tend to wander all over the world
while a salaam chooses a precious
salutations that make me know that I am being
acknowledged by my Muslim brothers as well
Namaste ans salaam are an integral part of my life.
having one foot in the Indian subcontinent
and the other planted in the Malaysian peninsula

Oust The Opponent.

Thinking in line to outbeat
very concentrated on the overthrow
went he ahead in a measured flow.
Keeping silent for a time
then moving discreetly on time
he entered the spree very specifically
sending messages to the opponent’s friends
pretending to be noncommittal in his trends
then he slowly encroached the much guarded fray
getting across with a smooth dash in a swayAoust
that being the plan he had thought so long
got it finally to a proper form
forcing the exit of the opponent
and paving the path soft for his denouement.

The Present Century Man

The liberties of man are at question.
Th security of man is at stake,
The financials of man are at nadir.
The thoughts of man are at lowest ebb.
The feelings of man are prosaic.
The work of man is not illustrative.
The portrait of man on the whole
looks grim, glum and hapless.
He being tossed up by the circumstances
He being thrown out in the eternity.
Seemingly he looks sad and melancholic
very worn out and exhausted.
A stature of this century
lacks lustre and grace
much different from what he was
some centuries back
when he was ebullient and enthusiastic
when he was an embodiment of creativity.mummy-chasing-man-clipart


Rules And Freedom

The concepts and prescriptions get you tied up.
The themes and traditions restrict your approach.
A free flow with an enlarges sway keeps you on the move.
That which falls under any code lends a boundary.
That which follows the rules suppresses your creativity.
The well-kept garden is a lovely scenario.
The forest in its naturel growth is a fascination.
Therein comes the difference of rules and freedom.
Let the imagination go up and down in its own extension
let it grow sideways too with an elaboration
nothing wrong in doing so as there arises an infinitive
something great would descend from somewhere unassuming
with a fantasy and delight hl2_concept_81keeping us in great stride.