The Nine Nights In India

A devotional excess

Festivals during this season being colourful

with the nine nights decked wonderful

keeping Gods and Goddesses on steps nine

all looking gay and painted fine

each step standing for the attitudes

chivalry, kindness and beatitude

with the idols flanked by animals

which symbolise their ride in minimal

followed by vendors ,grocers, and leaders

all displayed to add interest to  the onlookers

with the touch of ancient and modern as well

alongside they display parks and temples with bells

befitting the imagination of the one who crafts

and arranges with a thematic concept   of art

the traditional celebration with the present coordination

that of science and technology  adding to the reverberation

called as Ggoluolu or Dassera in South India

while referred to as Durga pooja in North India

where all in a way people pray and   enjoy

while concerts of dance and music go gay

as most temples echo the happiness with a grand grasp

where the Goddess sits on the tiger resembling a clasp

the nine days make the towns and cities a place of devotion

as  a teeming crowd visit the temples to witness the invocation

the throng purely immerses itself into the throbbing  ecstasy

losing themselves in aesthetic feel  and melodious  chanting  of mantras

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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