Drama In Stage.

Dramatising has its own efforts.

Fantastic it was to watch  the drama

being a portrayal in scenic form

where the delineation was  insightful

with the characters  ruling powerful

each one  expressing a quality different

that tended to  be egoistic in the upfront

one extolling anger with vigour

the other representing greed in a trigger

yet another   self-conceited to the core

with one more an embodiment of evil  in a gore

being the main in the dramatic ensemble

supported by the  lesser ones  without a fumble

that who carry out the plans in meticulous precision

dealing greatly in working and  manipulation

while the dram advances  with a firm note

with the momentum building up with liberal quotes

holding the audience attention  greatly

who sit all through  in ardent  intensity

waiting for the plot to unravel gradually

thus goes the dramatisation finally

bringing out the superiority  of the playwright

while the histrionic  skill of the actors get in the right

being so expressive and  tactful they bring out

the three-hour went past  throughout

greatly in charm and cheer and fun

going with the passion and emotion in turn

Shakespeare on the battlefieldall in one go beautifully done.






By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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